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Team Meetings

Being a solopreneur can be lonely but it doesn't have to be. 

Working From Home
Working From Home

Does this sound familiar? 

Being a solopreneur can be lonely and we deal with challenges that business owners with teams don't usually deal with like:

  • A team of one

  • having to split between planning/selling/marketing/delivery

  • Overwhelm

  • Difficulty staying focused and consistent

  • Lacking objective feedback

  • Overthinking and second-guessing

It's time to take control! 

The hardest thing as a solopreneur is getting out of your own way because there is seldom anyone around to point out the blockage. Let me be on your team. 

Become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be. You can't afford a team right now but you need one. 

That's where we come in

Working with a mentor or an advisory board can highlight pitfalls and save you money and heartache.We can relate and help lift you up when you are feeling less than confident! 


Schedule a *Team Meeting today

*introductory rates available for a limited time. After purchase, you will receive

Tamara's calendar to schedule your session. 

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