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Attract more customers, stand out in the market and double your sales with help from ME (that's Mane Elementz, the #1 resources for HAIRpreneurs)

How ME   can help you

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Join our exclusive group of hairpreneurs as a Mane Boss to start and grow your hair business for yourself but not by yourself

Welcome to Mane Elementz the #1 Resource for HAIRpreneurs.


We help hairpreneurs  at all stages in business through our membership program, group support, books and courses and 1 on 1 coaching. 


If you are  struggling to start, get focused, sell hair, meet your goals, stay motivated or get the knowledge and skills you need then you have come to the right place!


Get our FREE guide today "Build Your Hair Brand in 7 Steps!"B

-they said it not ME-

"I was scared to start a business because I had no clue where to start. But after spending time with Tamara, I now have a clear understanding where I need to start and what collections I should feature." - C.G. 

"​Since our first session we had discussed the different aspects of owning a business and what it takes to build a successful business. You have encouraged me to step out on faith to pursue my business. Now I have my business, my own website, business cards, and was able to build my own clientele. Thank you Tamara for the encouragement and for walking me through the process of owning my business." - Latonya Cameron

"It's great! I love it! Everyone at my salon loved it. My stylist is sending more business to ME" - Tiffany Irvin

"I appreciate how you help your Mane Bosses Tamara, it means a alot" - J. Knox

"​I am very confident about joining Mane Elementz as a Mane Boss. I am 27 years old a mother of two, with a man that being said, I know I can be stretched out pretty thin. I have a full time day job, but I am also a licensed cosmetologist trying to find her way, beauty is my passion. Helping people look there best makes me feel my best! I do appreciate the fact that this company takes the time to reach out to their affiliates, that makes me feel like a I made the best choice. I am taking this slow, but I am very happy about my decision." -D. Williams

"I absolutely love this hair. I have the Resistless Collection and have worn it for about 6 months and it's dyed and I have not had any problems at all. My stylist loves the quality and the lace closures. She's excited about partnering with the company." - J. Garrett

​The information was very valuable and I would love more training! -J. Powell

​I found the workshop to be quite valuable. Attending the workshop solidified my choice to go into the hair business as a sole proprietor rather than become an affiliate for an established company. T. Fraser

Thank you for providing feedback on my Instagram page. This is just I what I needed! -Smithetheridgehair

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