HAIRpreneurship: The Basics

Are you interested in starting a hair business

but have no clue how to start?

Learn how to setup your business, finance it, build clientele, and create a successful empire. 

Do you need help with everything from start to finish?

I have always been a hustler....

I sold candy in middle school, sold jewelry  and produced musicals in high school and had 4 jobs in college...I know, doing the most. 

but once I got out of college (over 13 years ago      ), the online business world was starting to take off.

I had to learn how someone would find my company, get interested in it, and love it so much that they would put in credit card or paypal information to buy my products and services.


When I tell you it took a lot of time to understand?.... baby, it literally took a lot of time to fully understand how this whole process works AND setup my business so people other than my family and friends would find me.

Enter HAIRpreneurship: The Basics: Imagine learning what you need to know about how business works, how the internet works, how social media works, all to alleviate any confusion you may have. 


Like, how do you get the finances to start, how do you get paid, how to do you find a trustworthy vendor, how do you price the hair, is this business even for you?

These are all valid and necessary concerns for a new entrepreneur.



  • ​Stumped on how you will get orders, advertise and make money


  • Wondering how to find a credible hair vendor and not be scammed


  • Need a step-by-step explanation of how this all works


It took me over 10 years to figure this online, social media influenced business world out, but it doesn't have to to take YOU that long.


I want to help you to understand how business works and  how you can be successful in the hair extension industry.


Let Me Show You Step-by-Step What It Takes to Start A Hair Extension Business When You Have No Idea How to Start


I Invite You To Join Me At The, Hairpreneurship: The Basics Webinar On February 21, 2017.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • How this business works, hairpreneurship basics

  • How much it costs to start a hair extension business and on-going expenses

  • Creative ways to find financing for your business

  • How to avoid making common mistakes made by most first-time hairpreneurs

  • Strategies to avoid being scammed by a hair vendor

  • Practical steps to setup your business, build clientele and sell hair

And you get all this LIVE! for only $27. Can't join ME LIVE? Reserve your seat and get the replay so you don't miss out.




HAIRpreneurship: The Basics Resource E-book

You will leave this class knowing how to start a hair extension business so you can make a crystal clear decision on your next move. It is already February of 2017 and where are you with your goals? Don't be in the same position for much longer. You need this information so you will know how to move forward.  

WARNING: HAIRpreneurship: The Basics has limited seating. SPOTS WILL SELL OUT FAST

When: Tuesday February 21, 2017

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST

Where: Online. You will get a link to join ME (LIMITED SEATING)

The replay will be available until Sunday February 26


The fine print: There are no refunds. If you do not attend there are no refunds, but you can view the replay for as long as it is available. If you are a member and purchase with the non-member price, there are not refunds. You will be granted a credit for the additional amount to be used towards a hair order in the back office.

After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and the link to view will be sent on the day of the class.