Increase sales, build brand awareness and grow your business

with Tamara Garrison-Thomas

Do you feel overwhelmed with the what, who, when and how to sell your products and services? Do you struggle with putting yourself out there and getting consistent sales? Do you wonder why people aren't buying from you and what you're doing wrong? 

You are not alone. As a society, we are conditioned to be modest and not boast or declare ourselves as ‘special’ or that we know or have something other people don’t. We saw this in school with the grading system and getting picked for awards, etc.


So, no wonder you're uncomfortable with positioning yourself as an expert or sharing your valuable product with people. What if people don't agree? 


Not to mention, all the blogs, books and gurus that list all of these great sales ideas but never explain HOW to implement them, especially in your beauty business, for your target audience! 


Insert the Sell Like a Boss Masterclass.


Learn the top 10 PROFITABLE marketing and sales strategies I personally use in my business to meet my financial goals every month. Not only will you learn the strategies but you will learn HOW to do it! Like, what to actually say and how to properly execute it in real life!! 

During this class, you will:

  • Learn how to get past your fear of selling and figure out what will work best for you

  • Define your target market and learn how to attract them. Learn what type of images, promotions and marketing materials they respond to so you're not constantly trying to guess (first things first - you're not relating to your target audience which is one reason why they still aren't buying)

  • Learn my top 10 marketing strategies and how to implement them including where to start, what order to do things in and what to actually SAY. 

  • Learn specific sales skills you MUST master to sell online.

  • Learn how to create quality content that attracts dream customers without working 24/7 and getting burned out. 

  • How to follow up with customers and turn them into return customers  

Here's the can set up all the Black Friday sales you want. But if you don't know how to talk to your customers and sell to them, you won't get the results you want! If you haven't been selling consistently then there is a problem with your marketing and sales skills and you need to master your skills.


Stop playing with your coin and treating your business like a hobby. It's time to get to work and MARKET LIKE A BOSS! 

When: Monday, November 12, 2019

Where: Online. A replay will be available!

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST 

Enrollment: $47

Availability: 25 seats