Ready to start your hair empire online but don't know where to start? Learn exactly what you need to do to start a hair extension business with this Official Guide and workbook.This 55+ page digital guide explains and walks you through what you need to know and do to start a hair extension business from scratch.What's included in this guide:
	HAIRpreneur business plan and goal setting
	Hair extension businesses you can start to differentiate yourself and stand out in the industry
	How to validate your idea to see if its needed in the industry
	How to define your target market and determine what kind of hair to sell to them
	How to find a vendor and effectively communicate with them
	How to build a brand - logo, business cards, packaging, bundle wraps
	How to choose a good name
	Registering your business legally.
	What Payment processors to use
	How to avoid/manage chargebacks
	Business management best practices and apps you should use to run your business from your phone
	Building your website and best platforms
	How to do a photo shoot
	How to figure out pricing and pricing, sample pricing lists
	How to manage inventory
	How to get brand ambassadors/celebrity endorsements
	How to price shipping
	Social Media best practices and how to grow followers
	List of the Instagram promoters to use for advertising and to generate sales
	How to effectively market your business
	How to launch and make money your first day!

The business won't start itself! It't time for you to start your dream business and start building your path to financial freedom! It's possible in the hair industry! Testimonials:Tamara is amazing! She gets right to the heart of what you need to be a Hairprenuers and is very knowledgeable in her coaching. Not only is this workbook filled with everything you need to get started but are also affordable. She’s done a lot of work for us. We just have to follow her directions and go and get it! - E. ShorterThis book is everything! I have been piecing these steps together but nothing is cohesive. This book helped me put it all together to make sense for my brand! Thank you Tamara once again for helping us out! - Deanna F.

Formerly known as The Official Guide to Starting a Hair Extension Business Online. New title and new cover. 
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The Official Guide to Starting a Hair Extension Company Online & Workbook

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