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Hair Extension Price List Guide

Hair Extension Price List Guide


Pricing your hair can be one of the most exciting yet frustrating things to do in your business. You don't want to price too high and lose sales or price too low and make no money.


The Hair Extension Price List Guide will help you understand how much you should be making per bundle, how to price your hair for your target market and so much more! 

This Guide includes:

  • The equation you should use to determine your price and profit
  • 3 pricing templates for different target markets
  • Lace Wig and Bundle deal prices included 
  • Understand how much you should be making per bundle
  • Learn how much should you charge for shipping
  • Learn how to price you hair for profit
  • Learn how to create sales prices for your hair and when

 *Mane Bosses have access to this in the back office



"Thanks so much for the price guide. It definitely was a big help with understanding my target market and prices I should be charging. I got it just in time to adjust some of my prices before my grand opening, which was yesterday. So yes, it helped a lot. " -T. Worthy


"I'm new to all of this so this really helped me understand how much to charge." -Shiah G. 



All sales are final. This is a digital copy and will be sent to your email.

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