Are you ready to grow your email list but don't know where to start? Are you still trying to understand how email marketing works and how it would apply to your business? Do you have customers subscribing to your email list but not opening your emails or buying anything?


With the upcoming changes and shutdowns on social media, it is imperative that you have an email list! Social media can shut down tomorrow, but you will always have your email list. 


In this webinar, I will show you exactly what you need to know about email marketing, how to start and grow your email list, get customers to convert to dollar$$ and how to install your form!


Here is what will be included in class:

  • How email marketing works

  • What email platform you should be using

  • How to setup a list, add your sign up form to your website and add automated follow up emails 

  • Opt-ins that hair and beauty bosses should offer

  • How to setup your freebie and send it to subscribers

  • How to attract your first 100 subscribers

  • An effective email funnel you should be using to attract, nurture and convert your followers

  • Email subject lines you should use to get customers to open 

  • When you should be sending emails and how to stay consistent

As a BONUS you will ALSO receive:

  • A copy of The HAIRpreneur's Guide to Email Marketing. This guide includes tips for growing your email list, email subject lines you can use, freebies you can use, email campaign examples and effective sales email copy to get your customers to buy. 

By the end of class you will be have your email marketing system setup and will be ready to attract more subscribers without feeling embarrassed about your offer! 

It's time to cash in on your email marketing! Gain subscribers and get them to buy! Get an instand download of class and the guide! 




Please note!!! this is a digital download and has a 24 hour expiration time. A copy will be emailed to you after purchase.  Please check inbox or spam folders immediately for the link to download and save to your computer. If you do not see it please email us right away to check. New links will not be sent after the 5th day of purchase. All sales are final.

Email Marketing for the HAIRpreneur Bundle