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Influencer Contract

Influencer Contract


Are you looking to start working with a Brand Ambassador or Influencer but not really good with words or not sure what should be on your brand ambassador contract? Are you having trouble keeping your brand ambassadors committed and consistent? 


Don't take the risk of losing money or wasting time. A contract will outline the terms between you and your ambassador as well as the future use of their content. 


Get a copy of the Brand Ambassador Contract for the HAIRpreneur and simply fill in the blanks! Use it for your brand ambassadors to keep record of their agreement with you.




"...I got her using your brand ambassador contract template lol. You are a God sent seriously!!! Thank you!"  -Vera U (signed a Basketball Wives cast member)


"She just sent the contract back! Thank you so much for your help! D. Reasby (signed influencer, Brittanie Evans)


"I didn't know the words to say. You have no idea how this contract helped me gather my thoughts! Thank you Tamara!" -Brandy G. 



All sales are final. This is a digital copy and will be emailed to you after purchase. 

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