I've launched, now what?



They always say starting a business is the hard part but now that you've officially launched, now what? 


You know that now, the real work begins. But nothing you're doing is working. You don't know what you're doing wrong. 

What is the "real work"? What specific, concrete things should you be doing daily to run your business, grow your business, make sales daily, reach customers and get more followers?


I've been there!


I thought that just because I had launched and had this great grand opening event with what seemed like so much support and love that my website doors would be getting knocked down with sales... but it didn't happen that way. In fact, no one purchased off my website for a while. I just knew I did something wrong and was ready to shut it down or "rebrand" and come back differently. 

But it doesn't work like that. And a rebrand wouldn't help. I had to fix my mind and change what I did every day. And I want to help you do the same before it's too late.


Join ME in the I've Launched, Now What class to learn:

  • What to do daily for your business while working full time (I will share my daily schedule)

  • The top 30 tools I use to run my hair business from my phone and laptop

  • How to build credibility when you're just starting out

  • How to convince people to follow you (not the Chinese vendors and business coaches)

  • How to get people to buy from you

  • Ways to market your business on a budget (including a script you can use for videos or going live)

  • How to cultivate relationships with customers/ customer service strategies

  • How to know when to expand and hire people

  • What you should be doing with the money you're making

  • How to stay up to date on trends 

  • How to stay organized and track expenses, sales, and inventory

People always talk about "how to start" but never talk about how to "run" your business after you start. This class will cover all of that and answer your questions!


This class will be online and will be recorded. A replay is included in your enrollment.


When: Monday, August 5, 2019

Time: 5pm PST/8pm EST (a replay will be available)

Where: online

Price: $29