You've started a business, now build a brand! 

So, you've "started" your hair extension business and it's not going like you expected. You're not making any sales and no one is flocking to your page when you post. You see people are getting on your website but they're not buying. You're not sure what you're doing wrong, are on the verge of quitting, but know you have a passion for this and a great product.


I was where you are. I started my business, had sold hair here and there but not like I wanted. I wondered why people would choose to buy from a company that clearly had worse quality hair over mine, and then it hit ME... 


It's the same reason why some of us would rather buy a Gucci purse than the Payless brand. Or why some of us will only get coffee from Starbucks and not some neighborhood coffee's called branding. I needed to make my business a brand and position it in a way that would make me irresistible to my customers and make them want to apart of what I was doing.


I want to teach you how to do that in our next webinar, From Biz to Brand.


Building, managing and growing your brand requires strategy, preparation and planning. In this webinar, you will learn the exact steps you need to take to grow your business from plain 'ol business to a thriving brand that makes money moves.



Here is what you will learn:

  • How to target the exact people who want to hear from you 

  • How to outline key qualities of you and your product

  • How to stand out in a sea of competition 

  • How to establish your brand as an industry leader

  • How to deal with negativity and charge backs in your business

  • How to find your brand look and personality 

  • How to build consistent social media presence

  • Mistakes to avoid when building your brand

You will leave the class with:

  • A strategic plan to grow your tribe of followers and build a clearly defined brand

  • The tools to find your brand voice, define your brand and mission statement

  • The knowledge to make better brand decisions

  • Ideas to better market your business and get more people interested

  • A step-by-step implementation plan to start introducing your new BRAND to the world

When will class be? Monday April  22, 2019


What time will class be? 6pm PST, online


Will there be a replay? Yes

What is the enrollment fee? $27 for the first 37 people

Listen to what some of our alumni had to say...


It's Tamika from AZ here! I really enjoyed the class is was very informative. Before, I was still kind of lost, so the class last night gave me some good guidance. So thank you! 

The class was great and I enjoyed receiving great information that would help me with my brand.  One of the things, I've learned was that I needed to find my voice whether that be professional, informal, inspirational, or just being funny and to do giveaways or discounts.  I've gained wisdom on how to deal with chargebacks and when people try to slander your company name all because they had their on little agenda.  I learned that if people talk bad about your company to deal with the issue head on and move on and not give up...This is just to name some of what I took away from the class. - Leslie B.

WARNING: This class has limited seating. SPOTS WILL SELL OUT FAST

When: Monday April 22. 2019

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST

Where: Online. You will get a link to join ME (LIMITED SEATING)

Replay will be available after class. 

How much: $27 for the first 37 people

The fine print: There are no refunds. If you do not attend there are no refunds, but you can view the replay for as long as it is available. If you are a member and purchase with the non-member price, there are not refunds. You will be granted a credit for the additional amount to be used towards a hair order in the back office.

After purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and the link to view will be sent on the day of the class.