How to Launch Your Very Own Hair Extension Company in 2019

Do you feel like no matter how much research you do, you still feel confused? Like you still don't have a good understanding of this industry and the first step you need to make to start your business. This is so frustrating. Don't get burnt out before you even get started. 


What if you could learn exactly what you need to do to start your hair extension empire in 2019? What if you could gain the confidence you need to make the first step to finally get your business off the ground? Join me for this exclusive 2019 training. Start your business and establish your brand this year!


Here is what you will learn in this training:    

  • Learn how to start a hair extension business that stands out in a saturated industry 

  • Learn the first step you MUST take to start your business 

  • Learn how to establish your brand and launch confidently 

  • Learn how to profit and what money-making activities you should be doing daily

  • Learn how to price your hair and what to do to make six-figures by the end of the year

Tamara Garrison-Thomas,

owner Mane Elementz LLC