The Confidence Challenge


Tamara Garrison-Thomas

"Let me present you with a scenario; imagine two individuals, James and Robin both come up with the same idea. Both think it is going to fill a gap in the market and will revolutionise the industry. James sits back in his chair and ponders on what it will take to get this idea off the ground. This pondering takes him the best part of an hour and by the end is full of excitement about how rich his new idea is going to make him. Robin on the other hand draws out a rough outline and asks what the first thing that needs to happen in order to get this idea started.

If I was to ask you who is more likely to gain more confidence over time, who would you choose? I’d put my money on Robin.

This is an example of something that happens everyday and points to the fundamental reason why some people start and why others just dream." -Aaron Morton

Don't be James!! 

Time to make your dreams a reality and start doing what it takes to have a successful business! That means getting to work, promoting your self and promoting your company! 

But all of this takes confidence! Hence, The Confidence Challenge! 

Are you struggling with meeting deadlines, going LIVE, doing videos, handing out business cards, PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS?

If so, I invite you to the Confidence Challenge. 

For 15 days I will be challenging you to complete deadlines and promote yourself and your business with a different activity everyday! Not only will this will help you build your confidence and put yourself "out there" as the face of your brand but we will all hold each other accountable in our confidence group!  

You have to start somewhere right? 

Start the link below to join us! An email will be sent to you before the challenge