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Author Dollar$_ How to Write an eBook We

Write Your First eBook in 24 hours with No Fancy Tech or Tools

presented by Tamara Garrison-Thomas, owner Mane Elementz 

In this workshop, you will learn how to write your ebook from start to finish and be your own publisher and designer. Tamara makes thousands of dollars selling ebooks every month, and she wants to teach you how to do this same, especially now (with 'Rona upon us)! In this interactive workshop, Tamara will take you step-by-step through how to write your book, position yourself as an expert and build your credibility with testimonials. Learn how to present a professional product to your customers for more credibility! 

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to write your book within 24 hours

  • Where to get content

  • How to price your book

  • What to put in the inside-cover to protect it from copiers

  • How to design a title cover and make it into a 3D book

  • How to format your book and make it look professional

  • How to get people to buy your book before you even publish it

  • How to get testimonials for your workbook to build credibility

  • What systems to use to distribute the book automatically so you can make money in your sleep

When: Monday March 23, 2020

Where: Online (link will be sent)

Time: 6pm PST/9pm EST


You know something that others want to know! It's time to share it with the world and start making some extra income!

This price is only available to the first 50 people who register! Click the link below to register! 


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