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Interested in joining the
30-day Weightloss Challenge?

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Why you should join a challenge:

1. A weight loss challenge provides accountability and support. This makes your fitness and weight loss goals more manageable

2. Motivation. A weight loss challenge will have an incentive to be the winner, whether it be a cash prize or a free gift. Everyone will compete a little harder to win that prize. With this motivation, you are bound to lose weight or inches within the contest time frame. 

3. Accountability. It's hard to have a competition with just yourself. If their are several people doing it, you will never forget to weigh in or drink your juice. Everyone is competing to win, so you have each other to hold one another accountable each week.

4. Fast results. Since you are competing, you will see faster results than if you are not in a weight loss challenge. You have a certain time frame to lose a certain amount of weight, so you try harder. 

5. Confidence and self-control. A contest is a great way to boost confidence and get on the right track. We know we can do something hard for a short time. So whether you win or not, take notes on your success of taking control in that time frame and keep applying it to your life. 

So, join me! 

Start August 21, 2023

Who's in? Sign up below for more details! 

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